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Baran’s Kenpo Karate’s Tiny Tigers will help guide your child through exciting drills and pad work. Our goal is to develop students’ focus, self-control, motor skills, but most of all to have fun.

Each Little Dragon class is designed with fun activities to keep your children active and entertained with a strong balance of self-discipline to ensure students are working towards their full potential.

Our kids Martial Arts classes will promote self-confidence and leadership as well a firm grasp on self-defense and identifying potential dangerous situations.

Baran’s Kenpo Karate’s Teens Program is a great challenge for any skill level. From White belt to black belt our Teens program is the most diverse class allowing for an excellent mix of fun cardio drills and explosive workouts.

What if we told you that no matter what your fitness level, what you age or skill level, we can give you the best work out of your LIFE and get you into the best shape you’ve EVER been in?

Our Mixed Martial Arts and Champions class is for the students who can’t get challenged enough.



Martial Arts classes help children become confident, raise self-esteem, and instill a positive self image.


The self-defense and safety skills children learn from Martial Arts will prepare them for everything from bullying to peer pressure.


Martial Arts teaches structure, discipline, and focus, which can help children achieve higher grades in school.


Our fun and energetic atmosphere helps children develop an outgoing attitude and form new friendships.

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Here are some words from our clients
  • I've been involved in martial arts since I was a teen and after spending time at several other schools, Baran's Kenpo Karate was my first choice of where to continue my training. Sifu Jim and all the instructors and staff really do care about everyone and are always there to give extra help or answer a question. I can't say enough about the positive culture they have developed and maintained for decades!

    Andrew Robinson

  • Three and a half years ago my son started taking classes at this amazing school. Cody was very shy and not outgoing at all. Now he has just received his Jr. black belt and has become a more independent, stronger and self-confident little man. We have had a few birthday parties at the school and all were a rousing success with my son and his friends.Shortly after my son started taking his classes I attended a Women's Self-Defense seminar. I learned a few tricks and was offered a discount to try out some classes, so I figured what did I have to lose except maybe a few pounds. As a teenager I was in a relationship that had severely lowered my self-esteem and self-confidence. For many years these emotional scars had haunted me and my self-esteem at times was barely there. Well almost three and a half years later I am a stronger, more positive thinking person. I owe all this to this amazing school. I now have my brown belt and although I have had a few setbacks recently due to medical issues I am determined to earn my black belt.I cannot say enough about the great staff and instructors at this school and talk about it to everyone. Because of their dedication, perseverance and enthusiasm both my son Cody and myself are stronger, more confident people and look forward to many more years of being a part of the Baran's family at this school. To all the instructors and fellow students that take classes with us along this fantastic journey, Thank You!

    Bree Lange