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Covid-19 Information

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As of Monday, November 23rd, our capacity will need to be reduced from 50% to 25%, and masks will need to be worn by everyone in the karate school at all times; this includes while taking class.

The instructor will have a list of students that signed up for class each day. Anyone not on the list will not be permitted entry into the building.

With our capacity being reduced to 25%, we can only allow 9 students on the floor for each class, and 4 parents in the chair area of the karate floor. With this being such a drastic change, our schedule has also changed. All classes (excluding MMA, X-Performance, and Teen/Adults) will be 30 minutes long to allow us to accommodate all of our students by adding an extra class into our schedule. There will now be a Black Belt Training Little Dragons class, as a combined class would be too large. In addition, we have pushed all of our start times back to accommodate students getting out of school around 4pm.


What’s New?

  • All people entering the building (including staff) will have their temperature taken upon entry into the karate school. People with a temperature of over 100 degrees will not be permitted into the building.
  • Baran’s Kenpo Karate has stocked up on hand sanitizer to have more than enough to provide to our members.
  • In the bathrooms, motion sensor soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers have been installed to limit the number of touched surfaces.
  • Distance Dots have been placed on the floors of the lobby to ensure social distancing is occurring.
  • A plexiglass shield has been placed in front of the front desk to limit contact with Miss. Mackenzie and Mr. Bryan.
  • The chairs and table in the lobby have been removed.
  • The chairs on the training floors have been marked to indicate social distancing while spectating class.
  • A maximum of 9 students are permitted to attend the class as well as 4 parents in our seating area.
  • Students/Parents will need to sign up PRIOR to attending class.
  • There are markers/boxes on the training floor for students to stand on to ensure social distancing.
  • Deep cleaning of the lobby, bathrooms, and training floors will be conducted after each class ends.

Expectations of Patrons


  • Students will have their temperature taken upon entering the building.
  • Students will be expected to come to class fully dressed and ready for class. This includes using the restroom prior to leaving to come to class, as there will be limited bathroom access.
  • Students should leave their bags at home. Should you need to bring a piece of personal equipment, the instructor will let you know in advance.
  • The water fountain will not be used for drinking directly. Students are encouraged to bring a personal water bottle with a sealable lid.
  • Students should wear socks at all times. There will be no bare feet permitted on the floors.
  • Masks need to be worn at all times. (During class, in the lobby, using the restroom, etc.)
  • Students should remain in their designated spots at all times unless otherwise instructed.
  • Students will use hand-sanitizer upon entering and exiting the karate school. We will provide this to you.
  • Students should communicate with their instructor immediately if they begin feeling sick during class.


  • In order to reduce risk of illness, we strongly recommend parents watch the class live stream from their cars. Please try to have only ONE parent inside the building at all times. We can only allow 4 parents in the seating area.
  • Parents will have access to private zoom information to view the class and their student.
  • Parents will be expected to sign their students up online to attend their class prior to attending to ensure fair access to all members. LINK:
  • In the event a parent needs to come in, please call the front desk so Miss. Mackenzie or Mr. Bryan can best assist you.
  • In the event a parent needs to come in, they will have their temperature taken upon entering the building.
  • In the event a parent needs to come in, please use the distancing dots on the floor to ensure proper distance is maintained.
  • In the event a parent needs to come in, please be sure to wear a mask or cloth face covering at all times.


  • All staff will have their temperature taken prior to entering the building.
  • All staff will be wearing a mask or cloth face covering at all times.
  • Instructors will be wearing socks at all times on the training floors.
  • Instructors will maintain a 6-foot distance from all students at all times.
  • Front desk staff will assist with escorting students in and out of the
  • building as well as cleaning procedures
  • The instructor will have a list of students that signed up for class each day.

Entry Procedure and Exit Procedure

  • All entry and exit will be done through the front door, but is subject to change.
  • The class schedule is designed to offset entry and exit into and out of the building.
    • Two classes will NOT enter or exit at the same time.
  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available for everyone to use when they enter and exit the building.

Class Procedure

  • All students/parents will walk in through the front door.
    • The front desk will take temperatures and direct the students/parents to the correct location.
  • Students DO NOT need to grab their attendance cards. The instructor and front desk will take attendance.
  • Students will put their shoes on the shoe rack, but leave their socks on.
    • Shoe racks will be labeled to space out the shoes.
  • Following the markings on the tile, students will make their way to the training floor where they will be met by the head instructor.
  • The head instructor will ask students to use hand sanitizer on their way on to the training floor.
  • The head instructor will direct the students to their designated spots on the floor.
  • The head instructor will run the class with minimal contact.
  • At the end of class, the front desk will come out to assist dismissal.
  • When a student is dismissed, their parent should leave with them.

Quarantine Procedure

In order to keep our community safe, we must follow all quarantine guidelines given from the Governor and the Department of Health.

  • In the event your child is confirmed to have been exposed to a POSITIVE COVID-19 case, he or she will need to quarantine for 14 days and attend class virtually via zoom. 
  • In the event your child or someone in your household is being tested for COVID-19, he or she will need to participate in virtual classes until a negative result is received. 
  • Should your child be quarantining and receives a negative COVID-19 test result, he or she may return to classes. 

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